Marianne- A Week In My Life

My life is packed with interesting stuff.  Among them are  dragon boat training, working on my  National radio program, and a spot of ballroom dancing. One more thing, I show Persian cats, seriously. Cat shows takes me to some amazing places that I wouldn’t normally go to.

This week it was a side trip to South West Rocks,  Arakoon  and Hat Head National Park. The first is home to Trial Bay Gaol,  and the easy Monument Hill walk.

Not to be missed for the stunning scenery, there was a short trek to Hat Head, where Smoky Cape Lighthouse stands on a narrow headland, surrounded by awesome coastal scenery of Hat Head National Park.

Do you think dogs get all the glory? Do you admire cats for their superior class and dignity?  If you do then it’s off to a cat show for you, because even though they aren’t quite as popular and well-known as dog shows, cat shows have a significant and devoted following.

This is what happens during judging at a cat show. 

Take a look at these happy snaps from the Coffs Harbour Show, which just happened to be an Agricultural Show as well.

In between all that there’s even just a very small window of time to maintain a huge garden, once described as stunning.

These even aren’t my job, but interests.



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