Gold Pass a Goner for Politicians?

Isn’t it Time Politicians Stopped Rorting the System?

It would seem that politicians get a great deal of perks on top of their salary which to the regular “Joe Blow” punter, seems unfair.

Take for example, the Gold pass that allows former politicians to fly business class at taxpayers’ expense – with no phase-out period.

Wouldn’t we want one of those?

It should be remembered that some of the former MPs were receiving free travel up to 40 years after they had stopped being MPs!

The perk didn’t stop there, because a significant number of trips were for ex-MPs and family members to travel to holiday destinations including Cairns, Broome, Lord Howe Island and Hamilton Island, often at Easter or Christmas.

So why did the gold pass have to go?

Politicians salaries have increased somewhat to what they were 30-40 years when the gold pass was introduced. Back then, the gold pass was an incentive to stay in Parliament.

Over the years however, there have been many instances of parliamentarians abusing this perk and using it for trips to buy apartments in the Gold Coast or attend sports events.

It’s fair to say that “the life gold pass was a relic of a bygone era, “ stated Special Minister of State Scott Ryan.

He rightly went on to say that “Australians rightly expect parliamentarians and former parliamentarians to spend money efficiently, effectively and ethically.

Hear the story from the Guardian here: Gold Pass For Pollies Days Are Numbered.


Malcolm Turnbull’s bill passed the party room without fuss on Tuesday 17th February of this year.




“Legislation to immediately axe the life gold travel pass for politicians cleared parliament, despite the objections of veteran coalition senator Ian Macdonald.

Is this a cover for recent expense scandals or is this the real thing? Believe it or not it’s the real thing . Sky news filed this report.

Listen to the Skynews report on this story here. Going, going, gone







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