Country Music Fans Over the Moon in Boyup Brook.

None other than Lee Kernaghan, winner of 36 Golden Guitars, is to visit the Country Music Club of Boyup Brook in 2017.

Why Boyup Brook?

Before you say, where is Boyup Brook? This township has been holding music festivals for 30 years and “the Country Music Club” of Boyup Brook is a catalyst for Country Music in Western Australia and is recognised nationally for its activities.

Held since 1986,the attendance at the music festival has increased from 500 at the first festival to over 13,000 in recent years. It was originally held on the town’s football oval, but in 2007 the purpose-built “Music Park”, with a permanent 18-metre stage and sound shell, was officially opened.


A bit about Lee Kernaghan

This festival attracts big name stars like Lee Kernaghan who is a country boy at heart. The son of country music singer and truck driver, Lee was born in the Victorian town of Corryong and but grew up in New South Wales.

It wasn’t all beer and skittles as a musician for Lee, and there was a time when he abandoned that career in the late 80’s.
Luckily, after a demo recording in 1991, Lee secured a contract with ABC records.

The rest, as they keep reminding us “is history,”  with many later albums, Electric Rodeo (2002) and The New Bush (2006), winning awards.  Career highlights were being awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia in recognition of his fund-raising efforts on behalf of farmers and rural communities,and being named Australian of the Year in 2008.


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